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My name's Jay and I want to share a little about me to the world.
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Sup balls.
I've been quiet for a while same with the channel and it's because of these few things that are just filling my life up at the moment.
First and foremost, the reason I haven't been able to do any videos is because I was absolutely swamped with uni and at the moment I'm actually in the middle of exams. Good news is after this weekend I'll be on holidays so I should be free to write for you beautiful people.
Worst news is I broke my laptop
T_T waahhhh I know
I took my lappy to the vet (apple genius bar) and they said there's nothing they can do but they can still transfer the data and memory over when it's done.
So the youtube account will be on pause for a while.
I may open a second solo account for my geeking and gaming but it's still up in the air because if I do I want to get some quality equipment like a decent mic and recording and all the extras.
We'll see.

Till then follow me on twitter and check my instagram, I'll be updating those more often


EDIT: No wishlist this month, please see may wishlist I am still working on it ~

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