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  Rise #BangonPH

In November 2013, a tropical Typhoon known as Haiyan/Yolander devastated parts of South East Asia including the Philippines. It was the deadliest typhoon that has hit the Philippines killing over 6000 people in the country alone. As of January 2014, bodies are still being found. 

 #BangonPilipinas shirt - Island Souvenir, Pleather Skirt - Nastygal, Lips - Mac Morange x Lady Danger

 I picked this shirt up while I was on holiday in the Philippines at a shop called 'Kultura', the shirt is by Island Souvenir.

"Bangon" means Rise in Tagalog, all profits go towards the victims of Hurricane Yolanda/Haiyan and every cent counts towards rebuilding.

For P199 which is approximately $5 AU every little bit counts, a little can go a long way and the use of hashtags and spreading the good word helps the nation rebuild. 

I chose Philippines shirt and Lachlan chose a shirt for Visayas, the majority of the crisis affected this region leaving 1.9 million homeless and 600000 displaced. 

Lachlans wearing: #BangonVisayas - Island Souvenir, Necklace - Thomas Sabo, Jeans - Zara

Wear your support with pride, spread the word with love, every step is another step forward. 


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  Moonlight Cinema

The other night we booked ourselves in to Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park, Sydney!
It's an adorable outdoor cinema in the amphitheatre in the park where you can sit yourself down with a picnic rug, some pillows and a blanket and enjoy a movie under the stars. 

Our picnic basket was filled to the brim with a plethora of mixed movie snacks. 
Alongside the generic chocolate, chips and popcorn we had strawberries with chocolate dip, sourdough, a mix of cold meats, a pile of cheeses and a dessert wine to round it all off. 

We chose a spot a little further up the amphitheatre and made base there for the evening and the upcoming movie. 


We saw Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel. It was a quirky and colourful film that was absolutely hilarious. The script and the film technique was fantastic and absolutely clever; it was a fast paced movie where there was never a dull moment. We also had a great, diverse group of people around us to create atmosphere.

Moonlight Cinema is a great experience, unfortunately the season is over but will restart again near the end of the year. If you were after a different kind of movie experience definitely check it out, it's a nice excuse to get out of the house without doing the generic night.
Being out under the stars with a picnic blanket makes for a better experience, plus they had food there to serve if you wanted something hot and beanbags to hire.

This is our favourite kind of date night. What's yours?


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  Music Monday: 24th January
Inspired by the absolutely amazing Finn Harries (www.jacksgap.com) and his keen taste of music.
Music Monday is my series of favourite music or amazing diamonds that I've found during the week. I'll try as much as I can to post consistently however I can't entirely promise every monday every time.
Hope you enjoy this, let me know what you think and let me know if you have any suggestions 

Disclosure  (Cover) -Andrew Garcia & Josh Golden

Simple Things - Miguel

Beyonce- Mitch and Scott

Love of My Life - Justin Timberlake

Hello diamonds hope your last couple of weeks went well.
This playlist  has been mulling over my mind for a while and I couldn't quite figure out what I was listening to lately.

Apart from Josh Golden's stunning looks and Andrew Garcia's voice like heaven, the two make a killer combo in turning a pop song into a sentimental smooth sound. I immediately fell in love with this cover, I found that simple piano and their voices really bring a lot more light to the lyric and really make them shine.

Miguel is one of those singers that I don't really know much about but every time i listen to more of his stuff I realize I love all of it. Simple thiings is a great little song expressing that a lot of the time we don't want anything but the simple things to just lie with you and just be with you.

Next is Beyonce by Mitch and Scott of Pentatonix/Superfruit.
Oh my goodness acapella always amazes me but these two have just left me in awe, whether on their own or with the rest of Pentatonixx. With their innate  love for Beyonce they went beyond your average youtube music artist and covered the whole album! This is absolutely amazing and their vocal range leaves me stunned.

Lastly is not actually a titled song in the JT 2020 album, actually it's the interlude from Mirrors.
Justin Timberlake makes amazing little interludes to the end of songs and in this case I actually like the interlude a lot more than the main song it's attached to. I got this song by itself because I found the length of the interlude makes a great little interlude to a playlist.

Enjoy the week diamonds and let me know what you've been up to


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  1st Year Anniversary at Catalina

1 year ago I introduced you to my partner in crime and shiniest diamond.
We've come to a full circle and celebrated our anniversary the other day on the 8th of March. 

Spending our anniversary in the city was a little significant for the both of us, we've had so many experiences there together. It's where we first met, where we had our first date, where he first asked me out and where he first said 'i love you'. All in all it only seemed right to spend our anniversary soaking up the beautiful atmosphere that Sydney has provided us in the past year. 
We celebrated our anniversary at Catalina in Rose Bay for lunch, a beautiful restaurant just on the edge of the bay. 

Such a beautiful restaurant with stunning views of the water, having all that natural light coming into the open windows allowed a cool and relaxed atmosphere all around. The restaurant is set up just along the water and as we ate we saw sea planes coming in and out, boats passing and just a beautiful sky. 

Lunch was exquisite as we expected it would be! Catalina served us such delicately balanced and well presented meals that we enjoyed completely.

At first we were at a crossroads as to whether we should start with Oysters or Sashimi, Catalina being on the water we thought it'd be a good start to choose some fresh produce. We chose Sashimi as we can never resist it at the best of times.

Entree : Sashimi platter of Salmon, Tuna, Whiting and Kingfish

The fish was so incredibly fresh and light, I was immediately sad when it was over and we came to the conclusion that the next dinner date should definitely be a Sashimi boat.
After a slice of some fresh baked bread and butter we were served our mains, when they were served it was just as amazing as we imagined it would be.

Lachlan: Riverine beef tenderloin with prosciutto and potato gratin, roast eschalots, truffle, bone marrow butter and red wine jus. - Medium Rare

Myself: Herb crusted lamb loin, carrot puree, sautéed kipfler potato and zuccini. - Served Pink

Both of us chose our servings based on the waiters suggestion, the best way to have your meal I think is to have it the way the restaurant intends it.
This main was definitely one of the best i've ever had, not only was it beautiful on the plate and cooked to perfection, every mouthful was delicious from beginning to end. Each texture stood out and every flavor balanced each other as well as the colors did. It was definitely a perfect meal and Catalina's chefs and waitstaff all made the experience perfect.

To finish we shared dessert as we anticipated another picnic straight after we got back into the city and I'm glad we did otherwise we would've had to leave Catalina bloated.

Dessert Banana and salted peanut butter parfait with caramel sauce. 

Dessert was delicately light and a perfect full stop to the alluring sentence of a meal that we just had.
The experience at Catalina was unforgettable, the waitstaff were all very friendly, well knowledged and welcoming. It definitely set a perfect scene for such an important day.
From start to finish we were surrounded by a great atmosphere and friendly smiles, we couldn't be any happier with this restaurant.
Definitely stop by and give it a visit, it's only a short ferry(or plane) ride from Circular Quay.
 If you want to find out more about this restaurant visit their website at :
For any enquiries don't be shy to send them and email or give them a call they're quick to reply and super friendly.

If you want to see gifts from the day or a continuation of the anniversary click here

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  Music Monday 24th February
Inspired by the absolutely amazing Finn Harries (www.jacksgap.com) and his keen taste of music.
Music Monday is my series of favourite music or amazing diamonds that I've found during the week. I'll try as much as I can to post consistently however I can't entirely promise every monday every time.
Hope you enjoy this, let me know what you think and let me know if you have any suggestions 

Rude - Magic

Lullaby - Chester See

Let it Go/Let her go - Sam Tsui

Runaway - Jheane Aiko x The Weeknd x Frank Ocean

Hey guys, hope your week has been aurally appealing this week!
Hope you've enjoyed the recent weekend and valentines day past, this weeks music is a compilation of some sweet songs to brighten up the rest of your week. Let's not restrict the love to just one day of the year :)

I heard Magic's song on the radio recently this year and felt like it was a massive blast from the past listening to reggae style music!
It's a sweet and fun song that makes you want to dance or sip on a cocktail on the beach and just listen and sway to the beat. Every time this song comes on I really can't help but sing. Poor guy, hope he marries the girl :)

Chester See has re-done his amazing little song 'Lullaby' to the sound of a Ukelele, just relaxing on his bed singing an amazing song. His slow written song and rustic voice, really is a lovely little lullaby that you want to fall asleep to.

Sam Tsui is a new youtuber that I stumbled upon while listening to some frozen covers. I completely forgot about the Let her go song and i was a little sceptical about how the combination would be. I was pleasantly surprised on how well he managed to combine the two songs together.

Lastly is a mash up of Jhene Aiko, The weeknd and Frank Ocean.
 Jheane Aiko is absolutely amazing, she has such a wonderful voice which is filled with emotional depth.
They mixed one of my favorite Frank Ocean songs 'Acura Integurl' so I instantly fell in love with this as the rift came in.

Hope you guys had a great weekend and a good week up ahead :)


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Happy Valentines day everyone!
A day made to celebrate love worldwide! And hasn't it just come so quickly?
I'm in awe that it's already February, please time, just relax.

I wrote a quick blog post about how I spent my Valentines day on my alternative blog!
CLICK HERE to read how the day went on, gifts, my idea on cards and our evening meal.

Hope you guys had a good weekend!


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  Cheese & Wine - Ocello
Who doesn't love a beautiful cheese and a great wine on a night in? It's a  perfect mood setter and accompaniment to conversation.
Cheese and Wine are deep and delicate foods that trace far back into history, often used as the symbol of wealth and social class. Nowadays Cheese and Wine can be used as a symbol of a good evening to come

At Formaggi Ocello in Surry Hills we attended our first Cheese & Wine tasting evening!
Located on the corner of Bourke Street Surry Hills, Ocello is a quaint little cheese store with a huge selection of all the perfect delicacies of life.

As the past winners of the 2010 and 2012 best Cheese store in Sydney, Ocello is nothing but amazing!
The atmosphere was warm and comforting, with is rustic feel and utmost care of their customer and products, Ocello was a little delight. We walked into the store greeted by friendly smiles, a glass of amazing champagne and a little taster!

We were swiftly shown to our table where familiarised ourselves with our surroundings, started conversation in anticipation of the upcoming night and soaked in the atmosphere. 

The evening's theme was "Italian vs French". We were presented with a total of 6 cheeses and accompaniment wines showing the diversity of each country's cheese and tastes.
On our table were condiments to accompany and enhance our cheese tasting as well as an informational take home guide that allowed us to understand a bit more about the cheese and wine we ate.

With every cheese we had an accompanying wine that either enhanced or neutralised the many flavours that danced along our pallets that evening. The matches were expertly paired by the owners and showed us the strong similarities that both Italy and France have to offer both in their wine and their cheeses.

If Cheese isn't your thing that's okay, Ocello offers a wide range of products that don't restrict you to cheese and wine. Offering high quality Nougats and Biscotti, Cured hams, jams, condiments, herbs, pastas and many more, Ocello is more than your average deli.

Ss customers of the wine and cheese night we were entitled to 20% off all the store items. I held myself back a lot more than I should've but was so happy with my purchases that night!

The night was simply superb. Everyone at the event left delighted from the whole experience; clearly Ocello knows their cheese and wine, but they also know customer service. All the staff were extremely pleasant and helpful, and the coordinators of the evening (two experts in cheese and wine) went around to every table and spoke to the patrons. Its the details which make the experience unforgettable, and we wont be forgetting Ocello any time soon!

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