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  Real "Beauty"
Hey guys! 
Today's blog post is going to be about something a little different from makeup reviews and games.
I want to talk about being beautiful from all the way inside and channelling it outwards in the every day. 

Smile & Stay Positive
It's not hard, 
it doesn't take too much effort, 
but yet sometimes it's just so difficult.  

Positivity and kindness go hand in hand, often one can't go without the other. 

Finding the positives in everything or trying to smile through the hardest of times is possibly one of the most difficult things that everyone must go through. 
However studies show that optimists live longer, up to 10 years even!
Positive people rub off onto others and prevail over negative environments, having this outlook in work environment makes your workplace more productive. 
Having constant positivity also allows you to deal with high stress situations much easier, allowing you to deal with those on the spot do or die situations. 
Positive emotions likewise reduce your day to day stress and outwardly open and broaden your mind to greater things and allowing yourself to become approachable. 

All together, positivity starts with a smile and ends in happiness and gratitude. 
A positive and kind interior shines outwards which is noticeable and is key in the influence of  'personality' beauty. What's the point in glittering an egg up for easter if it's rotten inside. 

The first few steps of making that positive upgrade can be

  • Smile to someone new every day. Smiles are contagious! 
  • Give someone a compliment out of the blue - 'Oh stop it you' 
  • Give yourself some 'me time' every week to give yourself something to look forward to
  • .Treat yourself - A little chocolate releases endorphins that relate to happiness, but don't forget all is good in moderation. 
Lastly who are you? 

Getting that immense beauty that's on the cover page of fashion magazines isn't what defines beauty you dingas. 
A beautiful person starts from the inside, a pretty apple is still horrible if it's rotten inside right? Even the sweetest fruits don't have the perfect exterior. 
What I'm trying to say is kindhearted people are beautiful people.

I've met many pretty girls who have just become the most hideous people on the face of the earth because they have just no hearts or respect for anyone else

Healthy inside and out

All of the above can be heavily influenced on your health and general wellbeing. BABE , you gotta look after yourself okay! How do you look after people if you're not 150%, if you're incapacitated you can't look after anyone anyway. 
Michelle Obama even states to put yourself first, you must always be number 1 on your priority list. It's not selfish, it's practical! We are taught everywhere including on the plane to put on our own oxygen masks first before considering helping children. 

How do we look after ourselves? 

Eat smart. 
I'm not saying change your whole diet, but consider what's best for yourself, consider what the balance is like. I personally like to have one spoilt day a week where I can very much gorge and indulge in whatever I wish. I'm not particularly strict on this as sometimes it can spread out to a second day. But I try to make sure I can combat my immense amount of consumption with smart eating. 
Eg. I love snacks especially chips, instead of eating them all the time I have Rice snacks instead. A healthier and actually more filling option. 

Drink Water!
Why wouldn't you?! it's amazing! 
Staying hydrated is great for your skin, great for your body and everything else in between!

Sleep Well
This is a hard one that I struggle with daily but sleeping enough is crucial for your body to rest and recover all the days traumas and stresses both mentally and physically. 
Now sleeping at the same time every night and calculating your appropriate 8 hours is important however the crucial point is waking up at the same time. Your body compensates for lost sleep by making you sleep more soundly the next night, granted you're waking up at the same time each day still. Oversleeping or sleeping in will only prolong and readjust your body clock keeping you later the next night and the next and so on and so forth. 

Put the makeup down!
Have one day AT LEAST where you're not polluting your skin with make up. That one day allows your skin to breathe and readjust leaving you less breakouts. 
On that note, the days you do wear make up, make sure you clean it off well and thoroughly every day. Leaving make up on wears your skin down and fills the pores up causing horrendous skin problems and making you want to put more on to conceal them. 

On that note, look after your skin!
Keep it hydrated and wash it everyday, having good products that work well for your skin and not because they've had good reviews are important to your skin health, just because it worked on their skin doesn't mean it'll work on yours. 

Stay Fit. 
I don't mean go out and do a marathon every day but simply do enough to stay healthy. Exercise as a part of your general health is proven to make you feel more awake and rest better. It's hard work but the rhythm must be continued and trust me it is worth your while. 

Okay Fair enough it sounds like a lot but these are the first steps to self confidence and feeling and being beautiful inside and out
I hope you found this useful. 
Love Jay

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