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  Dead Island & World War Z Review and Impressions
Hey Boos,

I've only recently finished the game Dead Island, an open world zombie game by Techland, while at the same time I was reading World War Z by Max Brooks so it was a zombiriffic experience. I happened to finish them both at the same time so it was kind of ironic, actually I found it helped me get really into the zombie vibe. 

(Artwork by mnrART  * )

We survived the zombie apocalypse, but how many of us are still haunted by that terrible time? We have (temporarily) defeated the living dead, but at what cost? Told in the haunting and riveting voices of the men and women who witnessed the horror firsthand, World War Z is the only record of the plague years. 

One of my friends actually advise me to read World War Z after I told them that I liked zombies. From the cover alone I expected that the book would be written the same way Veteran War books are written. However to my delight this book was written in a creative news reporter way. 

Max Brooks described the zombie as terrifying because unlike werewolves and vampires which have to be found in most cases, zombies come to you. They aren't necessarily a predator but they are a virus, intelligence by nature continuing to spread no matter what happens just mindless nature. Brooks described his fear perfectly through the mouths of his amazingly realistic characters and the things I absolutely love about this book is the way Brooks has made his characters so believable and so real through their own first person story. It's kind of like inception in a way, reading a story about a journalist's recording of other peoples stories. 
To be honest actually, not every interview was stick out amazing but the thing is they didn't need to be because variety is bliss and each and every story built upon the next so no story was useless or unneeded. Brooks has an amazing gift to create such amazing characters, every person had a distinct personality in my head whereas i've read books written in a similar style where characters were completely generic to me. I found it astounding that each story added to the peak of the overall story whilst holding their own, it's sort of amazing. 

I really recommend everyone to pick up this book, I know that reading is ind of out of the spotlight at the moment even with the kindle and that flying around but still. BUY THIS BOOK! It's an amazing book and it's truly a work of art! Seriously I was dreaming of being in zombie apocalypses after this book.

A tropical island of Banoi has been struck by a relentless zombie outbreak and you're caught in the midst of it. Survive the terror, explore the mystery and maybe you will make it out of paradise... Alive.

This game was long awaited since 2006 E3 and made its final release in 2011, although to be fair I hadn't heard about it until it actually was released so I've got nothing to complain about especially since i only got my PS3 at the end of last year. 
Being set in a tropical paradise was one of the most perfect situations to have everything to go completely wrong, on an island where there was hardly any escape. 
One of my favourite aspects of this game was there was so much care to interpret multiple stories and numerous backgrounds where you can find out more about people not only through quests but even by going past a certain area can alone tell you so much. 

THIS alone was amazing!!! LOOK AT IT, Just this scene alone can tell you so much with so few things, this particularly was a special area to pick up one of the special items but even just little small nooks in the game had signs of life and little stories spilled over the map, the only other game I've seen that in was Portal. 

There are so many intertwining backstories lined throughout the game which is why I loved it, I thought there was so much care put into making this game an experience that you shared with its NPC's. Even the design of environment alone was beautiful, I'd go there on holiday too. I really enjoyed the quirky achievements and the resort itself was based on Jumeirah Beach Hotel, don't believe me? Go look. 
As an Australian myself seeing that Australia had quite an influence on this game and I found it really humorous and just really and enjoyable in game. 
This game being my first zombie game felt realistic from how I imagine an actual apocalypse would be, where seeing 5 zombies is scary as all hell as opposed to left 4 dead's hundreds of zombies which quite frankly would be hectic as all hell if you were boss enough to handle, but let's be honest aint no-ones got that much ammo.

Lastly I did like the specials zombies, like Left4Dead again you have your boomers and your spitters etc etc, Dead Island had a different approach to their specific special types. They each are just as scary as the next and completely as startling when you're least expecting it. I won't put a photo up because he scares the life out of me but look up The Butcher from this game, it is seriously the single most terrifying thing in this game apart from the surprise bullet shots from other humans. 

Lastly I chose to play this game as Xian who was a knife specialist and I found her skill trees amazingly useful upgrades however the only bad thing about Xian is that she doesn't have much of HP bar compared to the other characters. The downside of this game though is that the only time you can play Co-Op is through a Network connection which is a shame because It'd be much funner if it was available offline. 
Lastly in the cons list, despite the amazing scenery this game is the definition of Glitchy, there are everywhere, but it didn't fuss me at all, it wasn't bad enough for me to stop it wasn't the frustrating type of glitches. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this game so please go out and buy it I highly recommend it! 

Till next time! 

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