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My name's Jay and I want to share a little about me to the world.
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  October Wish list
GaGa Perfume

Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder
Circle/Skater skirt

Hey boos, 
I have been so MIA lately and i'm sorryyyyy T_T
I've been up around, here and there and just all over busy with everything. 
Recently my internet was down for about 2-3 weeks so that didn't help with anything as well as a few assignments and exams popping up. At the same time i've been ploughed by work and my sister is recently moving in so my house is a wreck and my back is in pain -.- 
But I'm back and here I am, once again I'm wanting a new camera that autofocuses whilst filming so it's not shit. I'm looking into Panasonic Lumix GH2 so far but it's still up in the air. 
Anyway huns, See you soon. 

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