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My name's Jay and I want to share a little about me to the world.
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Good day!
It has been a while hasn't it? I've been a little busy and I was slothing for a while in the comforts of my room on my days off work. All I can say is welcome to spring! One of my absolute favorite seasons of the year because I can finally stop wearing pants!  
Some of my favorite fashion is S/S based so I can't wait to see the trends for the year.. 

Yin Yang Top - Forever 21, Plaid shirt, Pleather shorts - May, Knee Highs, Rabens

Rubi-Woo - Mac, Gel liner - Bobbi Brown, Raizin - Mac, Espresso - Mac
Rubi Woo is one of the perfect warm based reds I've ever used, it's one of those colors that'll definitely suit everyone so give either this or Russian Red a swatch if you're looking for a red!
Rubi Woo is a matte lipstick and definitely lasts the day! I'm still using Raizin as my go to blush I definitely can't get enough of it and the thing about Mac blushes is that they seem to last forever, I use it every day but i still haven't hit pan. 
Statement lips are the best :)


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