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  Assassins Creed II Review

Yes, I know this game is old and has been around for ages,
but I only just got a ps3 and it is the first gaming console I have ever owned
soooo.... SHUSH

I got this at JBHIFI during the boxing day sales for about $20, considering my dying bank account and my sad stack of only 2 games this was great for me to add to my growing pile. I got Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe as well actually, but it's more one of those games you keep for company.

It's taken me about a month to complete this game and I find it to be a fantastically designed game in terms of smoothness, graphics and storyline. 
I haven't played the first game, I didn't do any pre reading either so I dove straight into this game pretty much not knowing anything about it. So to be honest the whole game confused me to no end, I guess I should really do my preparation beforehand.
At the start everything going through my head was pretty much "who are you? Where am I? Are there aliens? is this dead space 2? I'm so confused.."
As soon as I stepped into the animus I was thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING, WHERE THE HELL IS THE HOODLUM"

It was until Ezio's father died and the plot thickened where I got hooked and thought


All the background stuff that happened out of the animus was kind of.. a blur to me. I pretty much ignored it all.
It felt like the intro and all the tutorials took forever and a day but eventually i was smoothly jumping from buildings here and there sprinting and getting shot by every freaking archer no matter how many times i apologised and hid.
The game itself was great it was creative and the environment and historical aspect was accurate. 
I freakin hate jumping puzzles -_- 

Me doing a jumping puzzle 
"this fucking shit fucking again why can't he just fucking zipline like batman little shit STOP SHOOTING AT ME YOU DICKHEAD GUARD"

Yeah yeah i know i'm meant to be an assassin and all and it comes with the job, but there is not enough killing for me to be convinced I'm an assassin. 
I feel like Kisame half the time running on top of buildings and killing people by luring them in water in my big flowy coat. 

The worst part of the game was this little fucker right here

The amount of times he's literally been right in front of me and me stuffing up or for some reason not able to tackle him drove me insane. 
He'd be right in front of me and instead of tackling him ezio flies off the side of the building, at that moment i want to just kill everything. 

'Oh a borgia messenger, quick run and catch him your health is too low to have a high notoriety, plus you get monies" 

After missing him 20 times and running on and off buildings and walls for no reason.
"You have him in the corner, just tackle him now and you get 1000 f " 

- Proceeds to not tackle, run right through him and fall off the building into water.-

Realizes that he's too far to bother chasing, there is no wall to climb up back to solid ground, you spent the last 20 minutes trying to catch the little bastard, you haven't filled in this part of the map AND you're ages away from your checkpoint. 

Other than that, I have been subject to glitch only once during the game, while I was trying to assassinate one of the nine lieutenants i was climbing walls and shit and suddenly i'm in the middle of the walls. 
I thought I could jump my way out of it. 
I couldn't..
I was swimming around a building for about 10 minutes before I decided.
"you know what.. I'll restart so it'll sort itself out" 

Other than that, the game was great, I thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay, it was smooth, interesting and well designed. I understand why it was titled game of the year and it is definitely deserving of that title. 

I'd give this game a 7/10 in my books. 
It'd score higher if I wasn't such a fucking derp at jumping



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