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  Lego Batman Review

Nanananananananananananananana BATMANNN

If you haven't noticed I really do like batman, I just bought Arkham Asylum, I [obviously] have lego batman and DC vs Lego batman,  yet to buy Arkham City and am anticipating Gotham City Impostors.
I absolutely love that Batman is peaking in society right now because that means more games, more influence and generally more stuff that's batman. 

Lego batman is quite an old game, it came out in 2008 and so there isn't any huge hype or desperation to get a hold of this game. 
I think I got this game for about $12 as opposed to getting Lego Harry Potter 5-7 which was still maybe $47. [on sale] 
Aaand I'm kinda poor and having a new ps3 allows me to be a bit whatever and just make a good collection of games rater than just straight away spend $99 on Battlefield 3. 
And my internet connection isn't the strongest in my room, I hope I can extend my wireless into my room maybe by winter? 

But I digress
This is my first Lego game and I personally love the design and the gameplay of lego styled games. 
If you're someone who likes to game at night where it's not too addictive, something you can just shut off whenever you want and can still play f you're half asleep at 3am or in the afternoon.
I don't know about you guys but I prefer to play something a lot lighter and a bit more comical at night before I sleep simple because then I'm prone to nightmares and I also do'n't like thinking about weird uncomfortable stuff before i sleep. 
Lego anything is perfect for those moments. Lego games are a light bouncy appropriation of any original keeping it child friendly while also keeping the general integrity of its original counterpart. 
Lego Batman was just that, Lego allowed you to use different suits to achieve different levels and uses a lot of teamwork between yourself and player 2. Meaning you can either sit with your friend or sibling and just generally argue with each other as to what to do. OR you could single handedly switch between characters and just run around in confusion. 

What I loved about this game is Legos ability to capture the character's personality and infuse it into a digital image of lego. I also love that you can also play as the Villans as well. 
It brings batman and everything else to a new light and just brings you a bit of smile.
It's nice to have a game like a lego one to just take out from the general dark design of a lot of games especially from things like First Person Shooters, and it's a nice break before I start Arkham City and Skyrim. 

The cons about this game are things like the simplistic design, it is a lego game and it is made in 2008 so it's not a huge downfall for me. 
One of the really annoying things were that while I was playing there were a few times you really need the 2 player working at the same time.
And to be honest.
NPC's aren't very co-operative at the best of times.
There are moments where I specifically leave a character in a certain spot and the second I switch to the second character the other would move >:( 
But alas. 
It wasn't too bothersome
It was also a bit sad how quickly this game ended, although it has a free play option so that can be fun for a bit later. 

I think that's all I can really say? 
Hopefully I can make another review soon. 
Till next time :)


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