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  Alice Madness Returns Review
"The sandman's coming in his train of cars, with moonbeam windows, and wheels of stars.
So hush you little ones, and have no fear. The man in the moon, he is the engineer."

Hi Everyone,
It's finally done, finally finished.
The wonderful work of two artists, Caroll and Mcgee, compacted into one of my absolute favorite classics of all time. 
As soon as I got this small case into my hands I could feel the anticipation and excitement pulsating through me. 
If any of you happened to see my blog in its freshly made stage it was originally called "We're all mad here" an obvious reference to Alice which has been one of my favourite quotes. The only thing I love more than this story right here is Peter Pan. Maybe it's the alternate universes and the riddles but nevertheless, they are nothing short of amazing in my books. 

This game was exactly what I was expecting Tim Burton's interpretation to be. I'm not too sure about anyone else and although I am a fan of Burton's work his interpretation was so disappointing to me. I know it was based on Through the looking glass and yes I've read it and it is a complex story and can be interpreted in more than a million ways, but I'm sorry Mr Burton, you could've done better. 
Actually, it is a disney movie so there's the kind of sinister idea that it looks all light and friendly but there is a deeper understanding. (woah deep analysis right there)
Whatever, I can analyse all I like but it still doesn't mean I'll like the movie because I don't. 
That aside, could you imagine the work American Mcgee and Tim Burton could make, it'd be the most complex, sinister and mind boggling experience to ever grace our senses. 

There was a great aura about this game that is instilled instantly even before the game has started. It is somewhat opposite of the interpretations of the 1951 Disney film and the live 1999 film as the Cheshire Cat isn't exactly as exuberant as Whoopie Gouldberg, but it is philosophical and as cynical as ever.
Forgetting pain is convenient. Remembering it, agonizing. But recovering the truth is worth the suffering. And our Wonderland, though damaged, is safe in memory... for now."

There was just so much effort and love and care put into this game, I just gave it so much respect. 
The score of each world in the game changed according to the environment as did costume and just every world and environment was always a wonderful surprise.
The game itself was just a work of art. 
I absolutely loved all the detail that they put in every world and every one of alice's dresses, how each of her footsteps made a sound and her hair and dress moved accordingly to her movement .
Alongside there was so many little adjustments and add ons to make the game a little more interesting and add that tiny bit more effect. Things like the mini games where you gain more health by gaining rose paint in specific areas. Growing gigantic and destroying everything like a boss, was one of my favourites. It was games like these that made this game bearable and kept it from being the constant drone of "cutscene, run, jumping puzzle, kill" which so many games can tend to be. 
The nifty little additions like Alice's Shrink Sense, weapon upgrades and all the collectables like the memories, bottles and teeth. Although there were quite a lot of collectables, I didn't really have interest in collecting bottles considering that they didn't really do anything.

What I found is just as you were getting sick of a certain world and getting a bit ugh with what you're doing things start to change you found yourself in a cutscene to a mini game giving you a bit of relief. 

The monsters and weapons here are actually pretty standard although there's no huge Boss fight in the end of the worlds not really until the very last world to finish the game. 
Which I'm not fussed with, I'm not a huge fan of Boss fights because it's not easy staying during a boss fight and I tend to play games in the middle of the night. meow
I loved how the themes changed and in doing so the monsters did as well. 
Although... I don't like this guy 
Ugh those stupid arms just get in the way all the time its just so goddamn annoying!
His higher and more aggressive brother (Colossal Ruin) isn't half as annoying as this guy. 
He just HAS to have those stupid arms to cover his face and that extra one to throw shit at you.

Aside from graphics and just general looks and feels of the game, the outstanding piece about this game is the story itself. American Mcgee interpreted Caroll's creation into a twisted manipulated world within the mind of a mentally deranged girl, giving his interpretation a realistic and sinister feel. 
I won't blab the whole story here, you guys have to go read the amazing thing yourselves because my explanation will not do it justice. 
It was just so carefully and intricately thought out, piece by piece, every cutscene, every character and every memory played its part and played it world. 
Although deranged and frightening the brutality of the truth in this game is all but too real for its setting. 
Read the plot if you have no intention of buying this game at the very least read the plot. 

With all of these wonderful bits and bobs added together, I thought this game was wonderful!
I thought it was well thought out and I loved how as you progressed through the story it becomes more and more sinister and dark as you find more about the truth behind it all. I loved the memories how they gave you little tastes from different characters knowing small bits of this and that. 
I just generally loved this game and you know what, even the jumping puzzles weren't too bad. 
This is a 9.7/10 for me, just look at this scene! (It's my favourite scenery and setting in the game, the sheer combination of english people and alice oh who would want more)

I am truly excited to play the original Alice, it comes as a free download when you buy some copies of it, at least mine was. 
I actually heard about Alice around 2008 and I honestly was so broken that I couldn't find it in any stores around Australia. When I heard about Burton's adaptation I got so excited and this automatically came to mind and here I was getting all fluttery and excited hoping and hoping it'd be something like American Mcgees. But alas, I happened to come across a trailer on youtube for Madness returns and my heart skipped! I was so excited about all of the rage of Alice! 
This game was truly long awaited for me and the relief and satisfaction is amazing, 
It's almost like the relief you feel when you've been needing to pee for so long and you finally get to a bathroom at a hotel and it's clean and wonderful and you stand up and even the toilet flushes for you. It's that feeling of just flush relief
(nice example)
thanks I thought so.

I digress..
That's my review, please have a look, check out some walkthrough's, watch a trailer.
If not, the last thing at least, at the very least.
Read the original books
It may not make sense
but they're still great, as is any classic. 


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