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  February Wishlist Reprise
Hey everyone! 
Looking back on my February wish list, I've noticed that I am an expensive brat. 
Ugh, I just wish I could have a million dollars and have everything up down and in-between, how incredibly materialistic and conceded I am. 
I don't mean to but when it comes to wishlists i feel so poor, but I'm so grateful and excited whenever I get anything i've been wanting. God I sound like such a selfish brat. I'm not this shallow seriously! Only when I make a wish list. :) forgive me. 

Last month I achieved 2 and a half of my wish list.
The first achievement was the Fujifilm instax which I got from Ebay!
I love it so so much, it was everything I was looking for and I've been craving it for so long. 

I'll be doing another blog about the instax a bit later because I thought the service from the seller was just amazing!

The next thing on the list was the leather shorts/leggings. 
I've been looking for these for ages, I've been looking all throughout the internet and the stores for either of these two items that weren't an unreasonable price. It's still a basic that i'd like to see again in the future but i might let it go for next month at least. 

Something Fur?
Faux fur always always!
This fluffy look is so lush for this winter, it just attracts warmth. 

I'm so so glad to say that I have bought a lovely fur jacket from Asos that I'm awaiting and I'm beyond excited. I'm going a bit crazy I want a red one and a collar and a hat. But.. I do need to relax a little. 

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Booooooo :( I couldn't get a hold of one of these just yet. 
I don't know if i still want one in the next month. Oh but it's such a want product and has been for a while.

Batman Arkham City, 
I got the first step to getting this almighty game, I've got Arkham Asylum. So for the first time I have the first game before I even touched the second one. Although more importantly I can finally start a game from the beginning so it's not another repeat of Assassins creed. 

Ear Muffs
hooraaay Ear Muffs are on the way, I got them from ebay, year of the snow bunny is coming!
Except there's no snow in Australia... :3
Doesn't matter still cute!

This Bag,
Omg that bag is definitely on my wishlist next month, I just can't handle how amazing it is.
It completely slipped my mind this month but I'll be sure to remember it for next month. 

Moschino Glamour & Alien
I kinda got over Moschino... I'm not entirely sure if I actually got over it or if someone told me it smelt bad and I just subconsciously agreed. 
I don't know ><" But i haven't been craving to smell it every time I'm in a Myer as I did with Alien. Alien is so expensive, yes it does smell like lush but really it's just out of my price range at the moment.

That's all for last month. 

I'll be compiling another wish list for March soon!
Stay tuned


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