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  March Wishlist
It's the start of the month! 
How the year is flying by. 

This month i'm going to try and reduce my spending on other things apart from this list, last month I saw my spendages depleting on just trivial things here and there and it just fell through my hands. 
Hopefully I can reduce this month, although my choices are quite demanding. 

Let's have a look

From the last wishlist I have these: 

Alien by Thierry Mugler 

This bag

They're back in this wishlist because I love them that much I want to see if I could grab them again because they are really that amazing.

The new things this month are -drumroll- 

These most beautiful wonderful shoes

A wonderful big hat
Loads of Mac (right now so addicted)


Pink Pigeon (why is it a pigeon, i haven't seen a pink pigeon before) 


Vegas Volt 



I think that's all for now, 
so hopefully this'll help me be a bit more careful with my spendings but no promises. 
Oh goodness. I need to save money :(

Anyway, have a good night everyone


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