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  Lush Review~

Edit:Omg that is absolutely the worst screenshot in the history of the world it was the best out of the 3. UGHHASDHASDKUHAW..

It's finally here!
I'm incredibly sorry it took so long, with uni and there's bit a bit of drama on the side making things a bit ruffled but
things have started to slow down a bit now so I'll try my absolute hardest to update regularly, but without further ado here's my review. ;) 

I love juicy

Personally I think this shampoo is pretty average,
I don't find that there's a huge wow factor about it that makes me want to want to go back and buy it again.
Although it has a really strong citrus smell it's not really to my taste. It's almost over citrusy for me.

I've been using this recently since I've dyed my hair because I'm a little worried about how the Sea salt might strip the color from my hair. 
It does its job without completely stripping my hair so i can't really complain. 
Overall I find this a very eh product nothing about really bursts out to me. 

I absolutely positively LOVE this shampoo!!
I love the salty lime smell it gives, I love the texture of it, I love how it lathers, I love EVERYTHING about this pot of gold!
This shampoo is filled with  chunks of sea salt and lime so when you grab a handful it's a wonderful surprise! I found that you didn't need too much at all to lather your whole head maybe around a 50c piece is good.
For hair like mine which is really thin, limp and oily (yuck) this product is amazing!
The sea salt combines a wonderful texture in your hands and against your scalp, it almost massages your hair as your washing. 
I definitely recommend it to anyone with oily hair because it just relieves your hair and gives it a little break after a long day. Personally although I'm constantly looking for a bit of volume I don't quite find that this actually does much for my hair, but i also don't think my hair can get any volume ever.
Overall i think this is one of my favourite products by lush and definitely my favourite shampoo. 

Squeaky Green
Solid Shampoo
Solid shampoo's are one of the most magical things to grace your hair!
This innovation brings a change to your routine and it just astounds me how they thought this up.
That being said, I really don't like this solid shampoo :(
Contradictory I know.. I think it's a great idea and I'm in awe about it but the product itself was definitely note a favourite. The first time I used this all the bits and pieces of seaweed disintegrated out and alot of the soap went into my eyes and it HURT! I encountered this issue so many times too :( 
After a few washes it wasn't smooth and beautiful as when you buy it but it was actually really fluffy and i struggled to store it between showers because it just always seemed to be mushy and moist. 
After about the fifth wash i was rubbing this through my hair like crazy in every shower just because I desperately wanted it to finish :(

This conditioner is an absolute life saver!
As I mentioned before I have really thin and oily hair so for a while before I started using Lush I either just ran conditioner through just the ends of my hair and completely avoided my roots or I just ignored conditioner in general. 
This conditioner however is absolutely perfect! It's really light so it doesn't weigh your hair down at all and it gives my hair just an incredible shine. 
The biggest problem I have with this conditioner though is that you have to use quite a lot of it and I go through about 750ml per pot of Big (about 375 g) 
It's a great conditioner and I am never looking back to any other conditioner ever again ! 
Snow Globe (Discontinued)
Around the time of christmas Lush released this soap but it's currently discontinued, I'm not a hundred percent sure if it's strictly a christmas soap or if that's it forever. 
This soap had really really strong citrus smells but they worked quite well.
The design is absolutely lush itself and it made my skin smell fruity and wonderful!

This is my current go to soap at the moment.
It has a strong smell of vanilla and it definitely smells yummy :3
I also love the color of this soap, it is adorable and it's such a great addition to have in your bathroom as a statement. 
Rockstar leaves an amazing vanilla scent emanating off you as soon as you step out of the shower! 

Tuca Tuca
Massage Bar
Saucy ;)
This massage bar smells just so sensual, it has a really earthy scent, I'm pretty sure it has ylang-ylang oil and it's got hints of violet here and there. 
As a massaging bar I think this is absolutely perfect, its really intimate but you have to make sure your partner likes the smell too otherwise it doesn't quite work.
As a lotion/body butter, it's hard to say whether or not it does a lot. My skin is extremely dry and I can either use bio-oil or Cetaphil for extremely dry skin, anything else really doesn't cut it. So I can see how it can be moisturising but I personally don't actually know. 
As for the scent, if I find i want a nice subtle but outgoing smell I melt a bit of this on and carry on with my day. 
It melts quite quickly against body heat and just yum :) 

Black Stocking
Body bronzer
Never ever ever ever ever
In a million years did I ever imagine myself buying a body bronzer, i was already brown it wasn't exactly something new. I did notice however my skin wasn't glowing and beautiful like Beyonce's but it was actually quite gray and dull. 
So I came across this little number and thought, you know why not. 
Like the body butter it melts with body heat and I found I do need to use quite a bit of it continuously all over however when I do use it i feel like a million dollars!
It has a slight shea butter scent and its quite moisturising for a bronzer, the best thing about this is that unlike a spray tan you don't suddenly go orange, black stocking lets you build and build till it's perfect.
I never thought I would but I love this product and it's amazing for nights out, I use it mainly on my legs because I find they're the most untoned part of my body. 

Lip/Sugar Scrub
Honestly I have no idea how I lived without a lip scrub,
for those days where you just have those bits of dry skin on your lips ruining your lipstick or the days where you've lost your chapstick lip scrubs are absolute life savers. 
This one that I have is a gorgeous shade of hot pink and smells exactly like sugarfilled sickening bubblegum. 
Lush uses caster as their medium allowing you to lick your lips and taste sweet after you exfoliate your lips.
I don't personally because I think it's gross, I mean you just used this sugar to clean all this dead skin off your lips and now you're going to ingest it?! No thanks, I'll pass. 
Although amazing lip scrubs are incredibly easy to replicate and apart from the iconic smell, this isn't something I consider a 'need'. 

Pied De Pepper
Foot Cream
I usually don't have any interest in foot care, I was usually a handcare person because I always considered the hands to be a very delicate part of the body that often goes unattended.
I had to buy this however after walking around in the city during the boxing day sales for 10 hours without a rest. My feet were absolutely aching! I wasn't wearing heels, I wasn't wearing any specifically uncomfortable shoes and everywhere I walked was relatively flat and after all that I just knew my feet needed a little bit of TLC. 
I found this number on sale for 50% off, it was like we were meant to be. 
Straight home I slathered this on and elevated my feet and it just infused and warmed (?) and relaxed my feet it was absolutely amazing. 
After a while I noticed the smell although supposed to be spicy I found it actually smells like flat coke, but it doesn't really bother me too much. 
The main issue about this and all foot creams is that it does take a while for my foot to absorb the lotion and I put it on before I go to bed. So I'll often wake up and get out of bed that has all these percarious brown stains in it. - -
Another con is that you pretty much have to time when you use this cream because walking around with slightly damp feet aren't the cleanest thing in the world. I rather like this cream but I am anticipating a bit of a change up. 

The Greeench
Foot/Shoe powder
This is currently one of my essential products right now. 
Everyone of course has had that experience of wearing your canvas shoes without socks, whether it be vans or converse or volleys or raybans. If you have then you all know the feeling as you take them off and a whiff of horror just comes from your shoes.
This product works magic fo those issues, it does smell like thyme and rosemary but it is still worth it!

That's all for my more elaborate lush review
Hope you enjoyed it :)


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