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  Batman Arkham Asylum Review
WARNING: May be biased opinion due to favoritism.

So I kick started the Arkham Adventure by finally the first game of a sequel as I notoriously buy the second one and find myself confused in understanding the story.
I recommend this game who have a love for batman as I do or looking at Gotham city and it's characters in a darker more sinister form. This game actually reminded me quite a bit of Alice Mcgee's Alice, the lack of brightness and the key use of color and concept art is pretty similar in that aspect.

I thought the game was very smooth but really linear, it lacked that extra oomph to make you really feel the batman within. I think it was the lack of jumping, that's an issue for me if I don't have control of my ump. I feel without the ability to jump I don't that real gaming feel, I feel like I'm doing an interactive story. That being said, about halfway through the game I got so fed up with such a linear game that I actually stopped for a while and made a start on Portal 2 and Final Fantasy XIII.
Nonetheless batman made up for it with the amazingly smooth combat throughout the game. Like Madness returns, I liked the duo perspectives between detective mode and general vision.

I loved how the character designs, I definitely wish I saw more of them. The game designer definitely needs a pat on the back because the whole design of the world, every nook and cranny was beautifully detailed.

I found that the game ended far too quickly for my liking, but that might be because I took a break in the middle so my sense of time got a bit warped.

I had fun with this game but I can definitely understand why someone wouldn't, from what I've seen of Arkham City the gameplay is a lot smoother and a lot lighter. I found the controls for Arkham Asylum quite heavy and movement really slow so I can't wait to see what Arkham City's like when I get around to getting a copy.

I'd give this a 6/10 in my books not as high as I thought but it's never changed my opinion, batman will always be my number one.

Till next time

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