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  Katy Perry Cool Kitty Lashes Review (Excuse the uneven editing)

Hi everyone,
I'm doing a review of Eyelure's Katy Perry Lashes in 'Cool Kitty'. 
I had these lashes sitting around for a while after I bought them considering I don't usually wear lashes and when I do I get quite thin ones to just add a little volume to my boring asian lashes. 
So when I bought these I opted for the thicker kind to give it a go and see how it'd be like, I was also really curious about Katy Perry's range because her lashes are AMAZING!

Pre Lashes shots. 
So the thing with my eyelashes is that they are quite long, but they're very straight, I struggle to curl my lashes most of the time because they don't quite stay curled. 

With the lashes on.
I really like how they look on, they're not 'Natural' per se but they definitely give your eyes that amazing pop. 
Face on their actually really nice and make your eyes stand out but the second you blink it looks a bit weird... 

These don't feel as soft or plush as something like the Dollywink lashes and they're a tad plastic feeling. I find that since they are quite thick that they do weigh down a bit which isn't fantastic because it's definitely something I can feel. 
I'm really happy with this look though, I think it's a great standout on your make up, personally I'd wear this more at night because it's a lot thicker than my usual choices. 
I can't wait till I try out more lashes like these. 

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, the whole laptop thing threw me off. 
I really want to film something too but my camera doesn't have Auto focus so I'm working a lot and hopefully I can save some money so I can gear myself up with all sorts of things. And a mixture of uni and getting a new job is just really filling up my books, i'll definitely try and squeeze some more time in as always.

Till next time

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