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  Batman Arkham City Review
As you all know from my first review I absolutely love batman to bits and pieces, he is my favourite superhero second from Superman. 

And I've played Arkham Asylum before and I was slightly disappointed, but only slightly of course. I've seen a few playthroughs of Batman Arkham City before I got a PS3 and it I was extremely jealous. 
As far as gameplay goes, as expected compared to the first game it is definitely much smoother and the graphics, although already good in the first game, was definitely a huge improvement. Rocksteady kept a lot of great tidbits like the Riddler trophies and improving them to make challenges much harder, subtler and in the most clever way possible. That's one of the aspects from the previous game that I loved too! 
They definitely made a great improvement on the fighting, The Arkham series has very similar combat features to Assassinss creed, with the auto focus on certain characters, even a similar style with the camera angles within the game, the slow motion and the cutscenes setup. 
Some things that I loved from the first game is the integration of the other characters of batman and the precise-ness of the characters from the original comics and they implemented it in the most creative ways. And of course the Joker was a character that was designed with the absolute most upmost care every scar, expression and mannerism he does was physchotic but yet amazing. One of the great things about this game is the physics of combat, they're quite realistic to real body movement. The whole time I actually imagine people dressed up in those "wonderful" grey suits with yellow balls to track humane movements for CGI purposes. 
I can't believe just how refined it is just how smooth and amazing it was, it was most definitely an amazing experience. The open world characteristic is my most favorite thing about this game, it was definitely something Arkham Asylum lacked. There was always loads to do if you wanted to explore or if you wanted to veer from the story line a little bit. 
This game is something I would consider PG not quite for kids but nothing too bad you have to censor the whole thing. 

So if you're after something with a great story line and a brooding sense of suspense I would definitely say choose this because it was definitely a wonder!


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