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  Things I can't be bothered doing
There are a few things I think about doing on the daily or doing often, not necessarily to better myself but just something I always think about.

1. Wearing Heels on the Daily
Heels can make an outfit, but personally I'm lazy as fuar. 
Usually it takes about over 8 hours before I feel like I'm dying in heels so it's got nothing to do with withstanding the pain. The thing is though, I'm so terribly clumsy. The amount of times I've fallen over walking on flat ground, even in my past times playing soccer running around with grips and still falling on my face. If whatever I'm doing is too far, too casual or too short I'm not even going to consider heels. Thing is though it does look amazing but my laziness just can't deal with it. 

2. Bright Lips
Simple clothes can really stand out with a quick bright lip & it can add massive points to your simple make up. But bright lips stain man! 
One mistake and that is going to sit there for a bit, everyone's going to see that fade of a lipstick. 
Also I find that Bright lips are something that I personally want to maintain, I can't stand having an uneven lip if it's bright and the constant adjustment and mirror look 24/7 ain't that modest.
Don't get me wrong it looks amazing but thinking about what color compliments my outfit and carefully applying so that my lips don't look geisha or fishfaced is a little bit too much effort. I'll stick with my lipbalms and nudes for now thanks. 

3. Full eyeshadow
This is one of the things I am laziest with. 
I really really love girls with the most amazing eyeshadows because it's so creative and man their eyes are sexy. But I really can't be bothered cleaning my brushes after every time especially because i might need the same brush for two colors and ugh cleaning that is just such a bother. 
Then primer and worrying about creasing isn't the best. 
Putting on eyeshadow adds another 20-30 minutes to my routine, a little more thinking and an extra thing to worry about faulting. That is why I do my brows, my eyeliner, mascara and I'm done. 

4. Changing bags every day (^That's actually Ay's Bag)
I love my bags but it is one of the things I neglect, I'm always rocking the same bag because it already has all my stuff in it and I  don't have to move anything. My theory is I really should change bags but I won't because this one already has everything. Firstly I really should get some decent bags that are a bit more interesting and diverse. And yeah I got my eye on the new Michael Kors. Not too keen on constantly moving my stuff though. 

5. Doing my hair
Like eyeshadow my hair is something I neglect. 
Unlike Ay whose hair is always styled and looking beauts, my hair is the same because I don't do anything to it. My hair is so difficult it's so oily at the roots and dry at the ends and can't withstand a curl for longer than an hour. It just doesn't hold so I have two options, plain or straightened and my hair is usually kinda straight anyway so I don't even bother with the latter. Plus I can't see the back of my head, lose all my bobby pins and am practically living on the one hair tie so I really am not bothered here. 

6. Patterns
Being basic is just easier. Nuff said

7. Tagging
Looking at my 12 tumblr followers I'm constantly thinking about tagging every thing I repost with about 50000 tags that's relevant but doing that to every photo is just not worth the time. Yeah I think my tumblr looks freaking awesome but no-one else can find it due to my lack of tagging. 
Same goes for instagram, blogger, pinterest, vine, twitter etc etc. 
#can'tbebotheredforthisish #nophoto #hashtag #ceebstoscreenshot #theresalwaysonefriendthatdoesthis #orthis #unrelatedbrand #fuckyobitch #itsasong

8. Photos and Videos
I know I know I said I was going to get a better camera ages ago and I will still I'm just deciding between which ones. 
But also I'm lazy and can't let go of $1000 + just yet.
Not to mention the amount of posts ready to go but I just haven't gotten around to taking photos for it. Today is 21st of March
Lets see when this actually publishes...

9. Saving
I have my goals that I want to eventually do, things like my big holiday, moving out, getting a new camera. But there's so many awesome things out there like a new pair of sneaks or needing a new concealer and while i'm there getting a few different lippies or trying out that foundation, blush, everything that I've been eyeing.  It's just difficult to save when you are the strongest impulse buying person in the world.
Ladies and Gentleman. A consumer succumbed to every Marketing ploy, right here.

10. Eating Healthy
It's soo much cheaper and easier to eat junk.
Soz though.

This all being said will probably inspire me to actually do these things more often. Hopefully anyway because that will mean i'm not so lazy. Hopefully I'll be doing these things more often in the future but at the moment I'm lazy as.
Note. These Photos aren't even photos I took for this blog, just photos I found I took ages ago that I thought were applicable...That's how fucking lazy I am.


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