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  Dove Colour Live Event
A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the lovely Ida Ong of Nuffnang Australia inviting me to the Dove Color Live Event! It being my first blogger event I was so incredibly excited about it!
At the event I was able to meet some amazing bloggers and people from Dove, Nuffnang and the Blogosphere. The event was held in Luxe studios in Darlinghurst, at the door of the event we were immediately offered a selection of drinks. The drink that caught my eye was the Dove's personalised "Hair Vitality Drink".

The drink was this rather light cucumber tasting drink and was actually really refreshing!

At the event we started off by experiencing a 'Color Experience' where all of us entered a room and went through numerous colors and the experiences associated with them. Following the Color Experience we watched the Promotional Advertisement for the new Dove Color Live line featuring Kate's experiences with Color. 

From this campaign we realize that color is more than a visual appearance - it reaches out to us in sound, touch, taste etc. etc. But most of all color is a feeling

Yellow: lemonade, warmth of the sun,
Green: the feel of the grass, smell of fresh herbs, 
Blue: cool ocean, wind through our hair,
Red: spice on your tongue, feeling of love,

Color sets moods; it goes beyond what you can see.
Color can reflect us and our personalities, catches our attention, brings confidence and induces feelings both inside and on the outside resonating all throughout us.

After seeing the new promotion for Dove Color we carried onto the next room, which was extremely purple, where a number of well-spoken people provided us with a glimpse of Dove's new Color Therapy line. 
Dove's Marketing Director 
A color specialist telling us about how colors reflect our personality

A hair stylist speaking about the importance of the products

From each of these wonderful speakers we discovered the importance of color and how maintaining something simple like your hair color can influence your personality and mood.

We then split off into our own little circles with our own 'Color Specialists' who spoke to us about how each person can reflect a season which furthermore reflects our personality. We learnt this: 

Spring: Easily distracted, keen for change, fun loving, excitable
Suits very contrasting bright colors
Summer: Introverted, absorbing, wallflowers, soft spoken
Looks great in silver and muted colors
Autumn: Good listeners, mysterious, independent, attentive
Looks good in deeper shades of colors 
Winter: Outgoing, loud, attention seeking, confident
Better in colorful shades however not orange

Our color specialists examined us to figure out our color personalities by comparing us against colors and the way our skin looked against plain white too!

Soborii getting her colors read

As the night came to an end I was able to meet some great bloggers in an event that I was extremely nervous and anxious about considering I was going on my own. Everyone I met was extremely friendly and amazing, including Danielle of Soborii and Talyssa and Siree of The Hidden Thimble who spoke to me about their own blogs and what they specialise in.  
I managed to meet and thank Ida Ong, the Advertising Operations manager of Nuffnang and the wonderful girl who invited me to the event in the first place. I was also able to meet Michelle the Accounts Officer of Nuffnang as well, who expressed that both her and Ida made it all the way from Melbourne just for the event and was going back right afterwards (that's commitment!). 

I didn't manage to get a shot of my outfit for the night beforehand because I was in a huge rush coming from work. 
But in having a bit of a squiz around I found a photo from another blog from the evening. 
Myself on the left in the neon beanie with Danielle on the right. 

Finally thank you again to Nuffnang and Dove for this opportunity! I can't wait to try out the new line! 

Review soon to come!

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