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  GETAWAY @ the Blue Mountains (pic heavy)

It was getting to a stage where work and uni and just everything seemed to be getting a bit too much and I felt like I needed to hide away and really get away from it all.
 Being just the tail end of winter it was very cool up in the mountains sitting around a high of 2 or 3 degrees. Utilising the most of the winter season to be cosy and hide in a blanket and the warmth of a fire and a mug of tea sounded like the RnR I needed so onward to the Blue Mountains we went!
Lachlan being the best driver the whole way up

. Leading up to the weekend one of the owners of our cottage, Belinda, kept me well informed and was super friendly and professional in every email, providing all the details of our stay to come and keeping some treats to herself. We stayed in her adorable Tricklebeck Cottage about 5 minutes drive from the town Blackheath.

Our welcoming entrance
Upon opening the door we were greeted by some relaxing jazz music, the lights on and happy and a lot of delicious goodies. Belinda and Deb really know how to treat their guests and we truly felt special and welcomed from the second we drove in. 
A bottle of wine, raspberry muffins, chocolates and gorgeous flowers awaiting us. 

As well as the above they provided us with more than enough provisions to have a delicious breakfast the next day. In the fridge were more little treats, one of which was some fresh apple juice; I have never had apple juice taste that delicious!

They provided firewood to get our fire nice and toasty

During the afternoon we had some rainy nights which we spent cuddled up by the fire going with some tea and a movie or a nice soak in the spa bath. Hearing the rain on the roof and being warm and munching on roasted marshmallows has got to be one of the most satisfying things ever. 

We explored the small town of blackheath and took in all it's little gems and honesty. 
An old theatre (The Victory Theatre) in town was an iconic part of the town, an old large movie theatre that has been shelled out and revamped as a Antique centre and cafe. 

The place was full of surprises and amazing little quirks from the past, we spent ages in there just exploring and looking at some great little pieces. 

Driving through the luscious Megalong Valley

Back at the cottage Belinda and Deb had left us a little guide for the best things to do around the area. We heeded their advice and went on some gorgeous walks looking over Megalong Valley, visiting some alpacas and stopping by some iconic cafes. If it weren't for their advice we would never have seen some amazing places. 

One of our bushwalking highlights was "Mermaids Cave", the walk was short but steep and the sight was absolutely breathtaking. It took us a while to find but the all the uturns in the world were worth this visit. 

Going down into the cave I felt like it was out of a fantasy story stepping down on stone carved steps into this secret rainforest. 

The cave led to an enclosure with a cascading waterfall, trickling into multiple lagoons. 
The whole area was enclosed by natural rock protecting it from the elements. We were lucky enough to go when no - one was around making the whole experience personally memorable. 

Definitely a highlight out of all the walks we did during our trip! 

After a long morning of many bushwalks we read and heard all the raves of a near by tea house so we treated ourselves to some afternoon tea at the Megalong Tea Rooms. 

The place was cosy and warm, a great welcome from a cold and tiring morning and the table setting and atmosphere felt just like home. The tea rooms held an air of tradition to it and all the staff had a great smile on their face and were happy to recommend.

I had the famed Apple Pie and Lachlan had Fruit toast with Ricotta and Honey. Accompanied by an Irish breakfast and Orange Pekoe the tea house was a great wind down from an active morning and was a great prequel to a well deserved soak and nap. 

All in all the trip was a great escape away from the world and to spend some time just exploring and winding down in the mountains was just what I needed.
The weekend went away far too quickly and next time I definitely want to stay longer. 

Enjoy guys xx

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