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  Bella Box September: Spring in Your Step
Hey everyone!
I've recently subscribed to BellaBox Australia, the Bella box works the same way as a Joliebox and Glossybox only just a little bit smaller.
This month's theme was "Spring in your step" which seems perfect to welcoming in the warm weather and it's all about having a clean start which is perfect for the warming weather.
Unfortunately with all the busy-ness around me I didn't manage to take photos myself but I did use the products so I'll at least put up a review for you beauts.

So this is the review from what I had in my Bella Box.

Bioderma Sebium AKN Skin Corrector
When I first used this product I didn't use much of it at all and just applied the tiniest bit on my fingertips and my first impressions were that it felt beautifully velvety and glided really smoothly on my skin. But then after using a second and time i used a lot more product and it seemed to really sting my skin with a horrible chemical burn type of feeling. I'm not sure if my face just didn't realise it didn't like the product but i couldn't enjoy it past the stinging pain :( 

Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel
This product has an amazing smell and texture and feels so smooth and relieving on my skin. Funnily enough I found this product much more smoother than it's brother that I received. Although it left my skin feeling quite dry and feeling a little bit raw, I think Bioderma's Sebium range just seem to be a bit too harsh for my skin. 

You, Me & Everybody Skin Mousse
Upon first seeing this product I thought it was a bit.. weird to say the least. 
I was a bit sceptical because I don't usually have a good reaction to hair mousse and it kind of reminds me of the Fluoride Foam from the dentist which isn't the funnest memory to be honest. 
Turns out though, I LOVE THIS. I have horribly dry skin on my legs and arms and I usually find most lotions useless against my skin. At the same time I'm not too fond of really thick lotions that seem to never soak in or take ages to soak in. I'm happy to say that this is lightweight and fast absorbing and extremely moisturising. The only downsides are that it's a bit hard to find the right ratio since the mousse actually comes out dense rather than light and foamy, also the other downside is it does smell a bit strange, kind of aerosol-y. Otherwise this is definitely my favourite product in the Bella Box. 

True Solutions All Day Tinted Moisturiser 30+ SPF
I used this product for a few days before applying make up or after my complete skincare routine just before I step out of the house.
Firstly I didn't quite enjoy the strong strong Sunscreen smell however the tint of the moisturiser blends really easily into the skin and actually is very light and doesn't feel cakey at all unlike other tinted moisturisers that seem to feel heavy on the skin. 

Australis Lash TLC Conditioning Mascara Blackest Black
I'm known to be quite particular with my mascaras because my lashes are quite straight and very thin so it is often hard to find a good mascara to do the job. This mascara didn't quite do it for me, The wand seemed to clump my lashes quite a bit no matter how gentle I was with it. The formula of the mascara itself, I found was quite heavy and wet and really outdid any curling i could've tried to do and continued to smudge throughout the day without drying fully. I found the color was wonderful however it was outstanding and really brings the eyes. Unfortunately this is my least favourite product in the bella box since it doesn't quite work with my thin straight eyelashes. 

Klorane Dry Shampoo
I've seen and heard so much of this product before and I know it even made it as #1 dry shampoo in Priceline. I've been quite sceptical of using things in my hair since it's very prone to oiliness especially in conjunction with hair products to the point of needing to wash it every day. I've only ever used Dry shampoo twice before for camps when showers weren't available. Klorane has Oat milk however which is great for your scalp and any sensitive skin. I actually quite enjoyed this product and i did feel quite refreshed using it after a long day and in between washes. It's great but doesn't quite beat a real shower scrub. 

As well as all of the above Bella Box included a $15 voucher to the iconic which is a new australian online retailer. I've previously bought from them before and know they have amazingly fast service and free shipping! 

That was my review on septembers bella box, hopefully i'll have a new video up soon as well.
See you soon!

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