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  BellaBox January Review

My sister stole my camera :(  so this will be an ugly review 
You, Me & Every body - Aloe Vera Gel Cool It
The amazing things you can do with Aloe Vera Gel. 
I don't usually buy Aloe but do you know all the things you can do with it? (Although this is 98.5% Aloe Vera I do recommend using 100% Aloe Vera Gel before Carrying on with doing any of the following) Sunburn Relief, skin hydration, treatment for razor burns, dry hair, infection healing. 

Swisse - Body Wash with Vit B3 and Macrobiotic Sea Minerals
This body wash is a lovely number, it foams lightly and is nice and gentle on the skin. The product itself is clear and you don't need much at all to lather a good loofah up. It has a very subtle smell and that's fresh and the soft formula feels nice and gentle on your skin. 

Face of Australia- Purifying Cleansing Wipes
Cleansing wipes are one of my Holy Grail items that every make up enthusiast should ever have. I don't quite have heaps to say about this except that it is amazing and it has a very slight smell to it, nothing heaps special but it does it's job nevertheless. 

Mode Cosmetics - Nail Enamel Hot Stuff
This Nail polish was actually very surprising to me. 
When I use really unknown branded nail polish I expect a really thick consistency or something really sheer and slow drying. 
This was the opposite! It was fast drying and extremely opaque, the color was true to color to how it looks in the bottle too! 
I got this amazing Neon Pink and with the new neon trends it's perfect for summer. It could be borderline hoochie but you'd have to style it well.
With this color on your nails, I'd avoid fishnets. 

Natio - Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 15 Medium
BB Creams have blossomed hugely in the mainstream world, by that I mean that BB Creams have been extremely popular and huge in asia for a long time before us westeners discovered it. Even so BB Cream was originally used for people who needed rest and repair. BB Cream is one of the great products that absorbs easily and blends well.  

Forwalls - Decal
This cute little...porcupine? Is an amazing idea for adding a but of fun to your walls. 
Stickers are perfect since they can change as you change your mind and easy to add to walls without having to move the furniture. 
Personally I'm not a huge fan because they are known to peel off if it's an incredibly hot day and I'm extremely lucky to have a sister that is willing to paint on my walls instead. 

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