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  Music Monday 14th October. Youtube Double Special
Inspired by the absolutely amazing Finn Harries (www.jacksgap.com) and his keen taste of music.
Music Monday is my series of favourite music or amazing diamonds that I've found during the week. I'll try as much as I can to post consistently however I can't entirely promise every monday every time.
Hope you enjoy this, let me know what you think and let me know if you have any suggestions. 

So guys this week is a little different, I've got double the amount of videos because I wanted to emphasize that although there are some amazing covers out there the same talent can create beautiful songs. 

Chester See

Madness (Muse Cover) 

Who am I to stand in your way (Original Song)

Chester See was the first youtube musician that I found at around 16/17. 
I'm pretty sure the reason why I subscribed to him was the same reason that every other gushing girl subscribed to him. 
But despite that charm, that smile and that unbelievable body, he is just bursting with talent. His voice, although a little bit husky, is strong and versatile to any genre of song and his amazing piano and song writing skills are just amazing.

Andrew Garcia

Who Do We Think We Are (John Legend Cover)

Dumb (Original Song)

Andrew Garcia was someone I floated around, I always heard him featuring in Chesters songs but never got around to subscribing to him. The day I finally did though I was completely blown away. Andrew literally has the voice of an angel, you know that line in step brothers where John C Reily says, "Your voice is like Fergie mixed with Jesus", that was exactly my reaction he is actually amazing. 
His vocal range is just infinite and has so much power to stab you right in the heart to take your breath away. 

Andy Lange

I Need Your Love (Ft Julia Price) [Calvin Harris Cover]

Wish (Original Song)
Andy Lange, working both with Chester See and Andrew Garcia is one of the best producers youtube has ever seen. Multi-talented to say the least, Andy Lange is very much the most creative producers ever! 
Also having a voice of his own and his own strong musical input Andy just can't keep his hands away from talent that he can mould and recreate to a beautiful sound. 

The Piano Guys

What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction Cover, CLICK IT IT'S ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD) 

All of Me (Jon Schmidt Original)

The Piano Guys, a little different and steering away from vocal talent. 
These guys are insane.
They seriously are, how they think of making music out of a whole piano is just amazing, they manage to turn any song into something you want to shove into a wedding. They're talent is so raw and beautiful it sometimes brings me to tears, if this is what they sound like on the internet they would be absolutely amazing in person. These guys are just so amazing, they're any musician's inspiration. 

So that's this week guys, let me know if you have any favorite youtube musicians! 


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