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  Sydney Symphony and Sunny Days

Recently, I had the pleasure (thanks to a diamond) to go see the sydney symphony and soloist Thiabaudet play Gershwin. The day started with a morning breakfast date at one of our favorite spots 'Jet Cafe' in QVB. 

Excuse the blurry face.
Lachlan got Pancakes with bacon (not on the menu but he did ask the chef if it was possible) which is one of his absolute favorite things in the world, personally i don't quite get it. And I had Mushroom Bruschetta with parmesan and a herb drizzle. YUUUM

Unfortunately we're not allowed to take photos inside the room of the Opera House but it was a beautiful experience and really pulls out past memories of studying Music in High School.

I will never get sick of this skyline

We ended up at Opera bar and just let the day unfold from there. 
Will hopefully be blogging more after Jan as things have been so hectic with work D:
See you soon


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