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  GETAWAY @ The Star/The Darling

Hey everyone!
If you follow my instagram you'd see that I had a recent getaway to The Star and needless to say it was absolutely luxurious!
Last time I went to the star I was walking through the casino all starry eyed learning how to play card games and wondering how expensive their electricity bill must be for the casino alone, this time was a little different.
We stayed in the Jewel Suite of the Darling and made that home for a couple of nights while we soaked in the beauty of our lovely city in all its grandeur.
The staff and members of the Star were all incredibly helpful and friendly and the overall design of the hotel really left us in awe.

The suite had these amazing floor to ceiling windows that left the whole place beautifully lit and a really interesting asian-esque vibe to it. 
The towel robes were the best I've ever used and they sell them as well for about $125, at the time I was thoroughly considering it.
The staff were lovely although they tried to turn down our room around 3 times after it already had been but they were always so polite and apologetic every time. 


Dinner was at Umi Sushi the second night and wow is their Sashimi plate absolutely delicious!
I've never tried flathead and Scampi sashimi before so that was an interesting twist and I'm always excited to try something new! As always Sashimi never disappoints but the oyster marinade was just to die for, that lemony soy sauce and spring onion mixture was just amazing. Umi Sushi usually is bustling but on this particular Sunday night they were quiet, they had a great Miso and the range of rolls was different and unique. To our dismay some things are seasonal so we didn't quite get to try all the things but we're definitely keen to go back again.

We dabbled in a bit of the shopping as both Zara and Oroton were on great sales.
Lachlan managed to snap up some great buys at Zara but as always I was just completely duped of sizes which is always sad.

On our last day we were strolling around the Food court of The Star and decided to try out Ribs & Burgers. They did not disappoint and certainly one of the most fancy places I've come across in a food court. At first we were a bit concerned about the price but upon receiving our food and trying it, for the amount of food and quality you receive it, it's definitely worth it. The onion rings were not as I expected, I was expecting chunky thick rings covered in batter (I'm not a huge onion fan) but instead got these lightly fried thinly sliced onion rings which surprised me but the onions were nice and sweet and that aioli was to die for.
You could tell that Ribs and Burgers use quality products and the food is well worth the price. 
Another place to cross off the list! 

We later went to Messina Gelato and all I can say is that it's a must visit, Salted Caramel and White chocolate oh my. 
They make their own gelato every day and every flavor is created on site. , Eg. Apple Pie flavored gelato is made after an actual apple Pie is made and incorporated into the gelato by hand. 

A visit to the star, whether your into the gamble, want a dance or a big foodie and relaxer like me is definitely something you want to cross off your books.
Let me know your experiences there in the comments below. 


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