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  1st Year Anniversary at Catalina

1 year ago I introduced you to my partner in crime and shiniest diamond.
We've come to a full circle and celebrated our anniversary the other day on the 8th of March. 

Spending our anniversary in the city was a little significant for the both of us, we've had so many experiences there together. It's where we first met, where we had our first date, where he first asked me out and where he first said 'i love you'. All in all it only seemed right to spend our anniversary soaking up the beautiful atmosphere that Sydney has provided us in the past year. 
We celebrated our anniversary at Catalina in Rose Bay for lunch, a beautiful restaurant just on the edge of the bay. 

Such a beautiful restaurant with stunning views of the water, having all that natural light coming into the open windows allowed a cool and relaxed atmosphere all around. The restaurant is set up just along the water and as we ate we saw sea planes coming in and out, boats passing and just a beautiful sky. 

Lunch was exquisite as we expected it would be! Catalina served us such delicately balanced and well presented meals that we enjoyed completely.

At first we were at a crossroads as to whether we should start with Oysters or Sashimi, Catalina being on the water we thought it'd be a good start to choose some fresh produce. We chose Sashimi as we can never resist it at the best of times.

Entree : Sashimi platter of Salmon, Tuna, Whiting and Kingfish

The fish was so incredibly fresh and light, I was immediately sad when it was over and we came to the conclusion that the next dinner date should definitely be a Sashimi boat.
After a slice of some fresh baked bread and butter we were served our mains, when they were served it was just as amazing as we imagined it would be.

Lachlan: Riverine beef tenderloin with prosciutto and potato gratin, roast eschalots, truffle, bone marrow butter and red wine jus. - Medium Rare

Myself: Herb crusted lamb loin, carrot puree, sautéed kipfler potato and zuccini. - Served Pink

Both of us chose our servings based on the waiters suggestion, the best way to have your meal I think is to have it the way the restaurant intends it.
This main was definitely one of the best i've ever had, not only was it beautiful on the plate and cooked to perfection, every mouthful was delicious from beginning to end. Each texture stood out and every flavor balanced each other as well as the colors did. It was definitely a perfect meal and Catalina's chefs and waitstaff all made the experience perfect.

To finish we shared dessert as we anticipated another picnic straight after we got back into the city and I'm glad we did otherwise we would've had to leave Catalina bloated.

Dessert Banana and salted peanut butter parfait with caramel sauce. 

Dessert was delicately light and a perfect full stop to the alluring sentence of a meal that we just had.
The experience at Catalina was unforgettable, the waitstaff were all very friendly, well knowledged and welcoming. It definitely set a perfect scene for such an important day.
From start to finish we were surrounded by a great atmosphere and friendly smiles, we couldn't be any happier with this restaurant.
Definitely stop by and give it a visit, it's only a short ferry(or plane) ride from Circular Quay.
 If you want to find out more about this restaurant visit their website at :
For any enquiries don't be shy to send them and email or give them a call they're quick to reply and super friendly.

If you want to see gifts from the day or a continuation of the anniversary click here

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